Taming the Sock Monster

Taming the Sock Monster

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Socks! They are everywhere, they are forever missing their match, and dealing with them takes SO. MUCH. TIME. If you’ve ever thought about throwing every last sock away (I’ve thrown more than 90 socks away in frustration once upon a time), then this is the class for you. Socks are no longer a stressful, out of control situation in my home - and they won’t be in yours, either.

From our customers:

“This is pure genius. The relief I feel with an easy way to manage socks makes laundry sooooooo much less stressful.”


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"Since learning from Jennifer, I feel better about how the day is going to go first thing in the morning. I think what I find the most valuable is knowing that no matter what comes, I will at least make some progress every day. This is something that never happened before."


"I've always struggled with doing things that need to be done, but that I don't like doing. The way Jennifer has taught me to take these kinds of things and break them down and just get started has been a huge breakthrough for me. This one thing alone has been a complete game-changer for me."