"Before using The Intentional Mom Planning System, many nights I would collapse into bed at the end of the day in tears, feeling like a complete and utter failure. Now I actually feel a sense of joy when I sit down to plan out my time. I know that the tasks I have are the ones that are important…no more busy work, no more overworked. And it’s all in ONE place."

Hi, I'm Jennifer

As a busy mom of 9 from 21 down to 4 (and a Gigi to 1!), I know exactly how life can get the better of you as it threatens to get the better of me, too. Yet with a family of my size, I have had to master systems, schedules, budgets and so much more in order to survive – and even thrive!


"There are no words to describe how my life has changed since I invested in your program. I have learned to let go of the guilt, to accept what I can do while letting go of the rest, and to focus on what matters most. I had no motivation & felt stuck before...now I get so much done every day. And the way you explain things is so easy to follow & implement! Thank you, thank you!" ~Kim S.