Spring Cleaning Spectacular 2023

Spring Cleaning Spectacular 2023

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What sounds better than a home refresh? Not much - spring is the time of year where fresh and clean sounds amazing - and the Spring Cleaning Spectacular 2023 bundle of 3 resources is the right tool for the job. Featuring our brand new Spring Cleaning Refresh, you'll have a detailed list of what to clean (and videos with tips of how to clean it) in the 4 most common living spaces in every home in addition to a spring cleaning structure, strategies, and tools you can apply to any area of your home. 

Inside the Spring Cleaning Refresh, you'll have more than 20 printable checklists that walk you through the 4 most common living spaces step-by-step. If you struggle with knowing what to clean & how to get it done in the midst of every life, you'll finally know what to do. With a new area to tackle each week, you only need to work on one thing at a time - no more feeling the need to clean all the things. There are also overall tips sheets, planning pages, and more.

With How to Create a Weekly Cleaning Schedule, you'll know how to create a cleaning schedule that works for you and your life (even if you're busy) so you can keep your home cleaner all the time (you'll know what to clean when).

When you have The Busy Woman's Guide Ultimate Guide to Cleaning you'll have printable cleaning and laundry schedules, lists of spring & fall cleaning things you'll want to make sure you do every season, time based cleaning task lists, and more. 

From our customers:

"I never really learned how to keep a house and so I have always struggled. I also have health issues that make cleaning difficult. The simple step by step lists of what to clean and Jennifer's ideas of how to make it easier and faster, I finally have a home that feels and looks clean!

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• Spring cleaning checklists for the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry area, and living room
• Quick 5-minute quick "take action" videos for each area
• General tips, strategies & planning pages you can use in any area of your home
• Monthly snapshot planning page
• Weekly snapshot planning page
• Daily snapshot planning page
• Extra shortcuts, time saving cheats & steps
• 7 day cleaning challenge (7 Days to a Cleaner Home)
• 10 cleaning hacks worth knowing
• 10 commandments of cleaning with a family
• 30 cleaning hacks
• 30 minute speed clean
• Age appropriate chores
• Annual cleaning tasks
• Cleaning zones worksheet
• Daily cleaning checklist
• Fall cleaning checklist
• How to stay on top of your laundry game plan
• Laundry master plan
• Spring cleaning checklist
• Time based cleaning tasks
• Weekly cleaning checklist
• Zone cleaning
• How to Create a Weekly Cleaning Schedule class video
• How to Create a Weekly Cleaning Schedule class workbook
• (5) Cleaning Blitz "clean this" videos
• Cleaning Blitz worksheet
• Class - Home Organization Basics (reg $24) FREE!

With your purchase you'll also get the following class absolutely free! (reg. $24) Home Organization Basics

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Customer Reviews

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Pat Erwin
Great Ideas & Not Just for Spring Cleaning!

This workshop provided many great strategies to deal with the most common issues in keeping a home in order and manageable, not just for Spring Cleaning, but for the whole year! Jennifer covers the most common issues of decluttering, cleaning and organization. She provides valuable processes in which you can discover what is holding you back from having a comfortable home.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review, Pat! And you're right, strategies are so universal they can be used anytime! We sent along an email with a coupon code for leaving a review!


"Since learning from Jennifer, I feel better about how the day is going to go first thing in the morning. I think what I find the most valuable is knowing that no matter what comes, I will at least make some progress every day. This is something that never happened before."


"I've always struggled with doing things that need to be done, but that I don't like doing. The way Jennifer has taught me to take these kinds of things and break them down and just get started has been a huge breakthrough for me. This one thing alone has been a complete game-changer for me."