Time Management Multiplier

Time Management Multiplier

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Are you exhausted from the never-ending marathon on the hamster wheel that is your daily life? Are there always way more things to do than you could ever possibly get done? Do you feel like somehow others have time for simple things like a shower when some days you consider it a win if you get out of your pajamas? We all get the same 24 hours in a day, and our Time Management Multiplier is a full-length course that will give you your time back. 

This step-by-step 9 lesson course will help you find balance, peace, and more time each & every day.

    Stop working against yourself every day & learn how to identify and capitalize on your strength!


    From our customers:

    "Jennifer is the queen of multiplying time, that's really all I can say. She teaches things, but she also shares endless tips from her life, which all come together to form a treasure trove of so many nuggets of just straight up wisdom. This class is truly a must-have."


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    9 lesson videos
    Helpful worksheets
    Our popular Time Management Sheets System
    Class - Time Hacker (reg. $19) FREE!

    With your purchase, you'll also receive our class, Time Hacker, to learn simple things you can do every day to gain a little time here and a little time there. Together, all those minutes add up! (reg. $19)

    One of the best ways you can have more time for the things that truly matter to you every day is to create a plan for the things you have to do...and the things you want to do every day. The Intentional Mom Planning System is the best tool for the job. With this system you’ll have tools to find time for things like: exercise & eating healthy, having a home that is company ready, spending time with the people you love, and more.