Less is More

Less is More

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Are you plagued by feelings that there’s something wrong with you since everyone else seems to have it all together but you can’t seem to figure out how to get off the struggle bus every day? What if I told you that the secret was in doing less, not more? Created by a busy mom of 9, this full length course with added bonuses will show you how to know what to let go of - fully embracing the genius of the less is more philosophy. 

From our customers:

"Jennifer's course gave me the much needed permission I longed for to not meet everyone's demands...which is just plain impossible. I found Jennifer's lessons on non-negotiables and daily task mapping to be key in finding peace and calm.


*This is a digital course, nothing will be shipped

5 full video lessons
Accompanying worksheets for each lesson
Bonus teaching & worksheets for the school at home mom
4 Steps to More Anchored Days workbook
Class - S.T.O.P. Being Frazzled (reg. $19) FREE!

With your purchase, you'll also receive access to our class, S.T.O.P Being Frazzled, to get added help in keeping your cool when your stress level is heating up! (reg. $19)

We have an entire course that is framed around the idea of focusing on a few key areas in which you can control your daily life and letting go of the rest. It's called CHART Your Course, and it compliments Less is More like peanut butter and jelly! Find CHART Your Course here!!


"Since learning from Jennifer, I feel better about how the day is going to go first thing in the morning. I think what I find the most valuable is knowing that no matter what comes, I will at least make some progress every day. This is something that never happened before."


"I've always struggled with doing things that need to be done, but that I don't like doing. The way Jennifer has taught me to take these kinds of things and break them down and just get started has been a huge breakthrough for me. This one thing alone has been a complete game-changer for me."